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I'm definitely not frontman quality, but if a band ever needed a guy to jump up and down, headbang, or just move to the music...I'd be that guy.

I'm running and another machine with
If you were me, which would you use?

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The wife and I on our a few weeks ago. We are at this fun restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida. 😍 (Not pictured... The other 11 family members on this vacation)

If you're #newhere and haven't done so, send an #introduction toot. There's no corporate overlord here, spurring on engagement to make money, so you are the one creating engagement as you wish. Kinda cool, isn't it?

I'm running and another machine with
If you were me, which would you use?

Check out my new toy! I gotta deal too. $400 mower with battery for only $169. Oh yeah! 40v 6ah batteries. Been mowing for over 30 minutes and still going strong.

"Blessed are the meek" by Steven Field
90 Second Sermon Summary
#Sermon #beatitude #meek #Christianity #religion #jesus

I hate I have a somewhat new machine with low specs. I have dual booted alongside Windows. Same laptop, runs Mint just fine and speedy enough. Windows...30 minutes.... Still waiting for the browser to open. 🙄

Hello, my name is Big Diggity... And I'm addicted to sunflower seeds.

I showered last night. Forgot my hat at home... I hope my bed head isn't atrocious!

Anyone one out there have any experience with the Vufine VUF-100 Wearable Display? Specifically, will it work with an RPI or Pine64 board. Feel free to boost.

What if UFOs are just billionaires from other planets?

Found a couple gators in the Everglades. We took an airboat ride at Mitch's Airboat Rides. This gators name was Snaggletooth. He's a regular at the dock. Check out that tooth.

“What we’re doing with the #Fediverse project is an act of charity, in a sense, that I can plan out funding for a project, and people can donate their time to it, to give something for free to a lot of people. But there’s a lot of people—we’ve already had this conversation—who need to work full time to make this thing happen. I can and will provide funding to make sure that we make the world a better place, because I’m not worried about it, #Timcast is successful and that means—what are we gonna do? Like I said, I don’t wanna buy a #Ferrari. I wanna make the #Fediverse app so that people can live better lives and have their speech and their rights protected. Now as for that person who’s going to do the hard coding, he needs to eat food. He needs to actually have a house.”


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