What a day! Elevator consultant showed up today to do an inspection. My fire alarm equipment interface with the elevator for life safety reasons. All was done to building codes, but he wanted to go above and beyond the code, so several charges had to be made.
Then, I get home and our A/C was not acting right. This is the 4th year in a row that it's needed coolant and supposedly they fixed it last year.
Then, there is this project my boss forgot about and gets dumped in my lap which

needs a prewire before drywall gets hung next week.
One crazy thing after another. I wonder what's next.....

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@Big_Diggity better to be busy then not have work. Does sound like a lot of piling on though.

@jordonr yes, I am very thankful to be working right now. Covid restrictions never did slow me down. Life safety Systems are still essential. The thing that is a little annoying is that this job has been chaotic like this for a couple years now.

@jordonr also, sometimes I'm up for a good challenge. Some of today was just that, a challenge but in a good way.

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