I am currently using for my instance. How do I update to the newest version of Mastodon? I haven't looked into how to do this yet, but I thought someone here could save me some time and point me in the right direction

Hmmmm. I think my instance went down for a few hours yesterday. I did a power cycle and seems to back up and running. I'm hoping I didn't miss anything. Will my home feed repopulate your toots made during that time period?

is my favorite social media platform. Can I please, oh pretty please, call my followers Tootaroos?

Come on I posted the same thing on FB and have 20 comments already. Give me some love! Lol

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New instance, not accepting public users until I learn the ropes of running this crazy thing. CampFollow is a camp-themed social network for friends. All posts should be rated PG, free of politics, and controversial subjects. Let's be family-friendly; clean and fun. Time to get together and roast a hot dog & have s'mores, but most importantly... share life together.