Just call me King Troubleshooter. I just fixed a system issue that no one else at my office knew how to fix.

Working my sorcery today. New fire alarm system for a new animal humane society building.

Thank you, God, for loving me no matter what, that constant in my life sustains me. I passed my NICET Level 3 exam last night! Exam with 112 questions over fire alarm, electrical, and building codes. I couldn't have done it without knowing God, friends, and family would love me no matter if I passed or failed. The reality is that I was anxious up to a few minutes before the start of the test, and once it started, I felt a peace about it.

As an electronic Fire Alarm Service Tech at heart, I found this to be the best thing ever.

Technician's Prayer
Our father, who art in India.
Bob is not your name.
Thy fault will come.
Installers are dumb, in the field and in training.
Give us our day our daily calls,
and forgive us for resistoring,
as we forgive those that have resistored before us.
Lead us not into ground faults,
but deliver us clear panels.
For thine is the liability,
and the ability to blame the new guy forever.


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