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Customer has rain water dripping on his whole building electronic system in multiple places.... And he's irritated at me for taking 3 days to figure out exactly which of the 150ish devices it could be. 🤷

Ok, wife. You can't bring home donuts and expect me not to eat 1.... Or 3.... 🤷

Thread: About Windows 11's high system requirements. You know, a lot of blind people, who don't have jobs, live on social security and disability money, and who definitely don't have the newest computers, won't get Windows 11. This could have been a great chance for Linux to step up and say loud and proud "Because we support every person's ability to choose their system, and use and learn about computers, we will never force upon users what system they must run. And because we stand proudly with people with disabilities, all blind people are welcome in the world of free and open source software, where they can learn and create just like everyone else."

But no. Gnome, one of the most popular desktops on Linux, is trash with accessibility. KDE is working on it, but that'll take years. Who's ever heard of Mate? And who makes current software for the command line, for users and not other developers?

Rain rain rain. It's causing issues on our fire alarm systems. Last night, I had to roll out to a location 60 minutes away at midnight because rain water for onto the electronics, and worked on it. I got home around 3:45am. Then a call came in at 10 this morning, so I'm here now trying to figure out where the rain water is coming in. It's going to be a long day. 😬. But, just think it's of all that overtime 💰🪙🤑💲

I think it's cute how thinks I would want to connect with all of my competitors, haha

I used to run 5k every morning. It removed my negative energy, made me feel alive, and got my day going. Then I had back surgery and I can't run any more. I miss it and have never found a replacement. I wish I could go back to those days.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years... It's that I'm not like others. My brain works in a way that standard systems don't fit. It's great fit troubleshooting electronic systems, but not very good on planning projects or keeping a reliable tasks list.

There gets to be a point when a stops telling his that something won't work that way and let's her figure it out on her own. That happened tonight.
trying to be

About ~70-90% of what I do in a day is a sidetrack of what I intended to do.

Happy Father's Day to you out there. You are awesome. Enjoy your day. Sometimes being a dad is tough, but other guys like me at out there if you ever need to chat. I have rough dad days too. make it!

Today in my morning bible study, I realized I have had a limited view on tithing my time. I had just viewed it as volunteering here or helping someone there or running sound for a worship band or lead a youth group. But I think it should also include, and probably more importantly, devotion & prayer time.

OK this is not as feature-rich as Piwigo but for those who want something easy to use with facial recognition, support for RAW photos, support for videos, automatic generation of events albums, seeing photos on a map, detection of objects, custom albums, and easy sharing options to friends and family, this may be well all that is needed.

It has an easy Docker install option too, and there is a demo to try out on their page below. If you want more then consider Piwigo which auto-imports from Flickr even.

See LibrePhotos/librephotos

#technology #opensource #alternativeto #googlephotos

A self-hosted open source photo management service. - LibrePhotos/librephotos

I haven’t had a #Netflix subscription for over a year, so decided to pay for a month to catch up on some stuff. Today I watched “The Social Dilemma”. Highly recommended. Nothing I wasn’t aware of, but excellent presentation and so important for everyone to watch. It reaffirmed my recent decisions to delete my #Twitter and #LinkedIn accounts. Only #Facebook and #Mastodon remain, and I use Facebook in very intentional and limited fashion.

#TheSocialDilemma #socialmedia #documentary

Good Morning :blobcatcoffee:

FundOSS is matching OpenCollective donations for #Pixelfed today, please donate if you can! 😁

Huge epiphany: It just occurred to me that the internet is WAY WAY WAY bigger than FB or Twitter or YouTube. When I left big tech I discovered so many things, so many wonderful people, so very very much that I wouldn't have ever known otherwise! I feel like I thought my entire country consisted of my state...and just learned that the 49 other states have so much to offer that I'd have never known had I never left mine.

My BSF study group started series study while waiting for the next official start this fall. Currently contemplating my 'Obituary Identity' vs 'Naked in Front of God' Identity.

Monday after a vacation... ✅
Luckily I have another one coming in July. 🥳🦥☺️

Starbucks is highly overrated and overpriced, all of which is amplified by how terrible of an organization they really are.
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